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Mod Post: Tags in the comm

Evening, folks.

I've come to the realization that tagging entries would be a useful and even beneficial thing to do. I'm going to be going through the past handful of entries and adding tags tonight. Here are the ones I've already used:

ladies entries that contain ladies' clothing and accessories
victoriana entries that have styles inspired by Victorian and Edwardian styles
mod post for mod posts; moderator use only
gentlemen entries that contain gentlemen's clothing and accessories
clockpunk entries that contain items inspired by 16th- and 17th-century styles
jewelry entries about jewelry

Here are the ones I can think of that will be useful.

dieselpunk entries that contain styles inspired by 1920s-1940s styles (e.g. The Rocketeer)
millinery ladies' hats and other things to put on heads (hats, bonnets, tiaras, etc.)
haberdashery men's hats and other gear for the head
footwear shoes, spats, gaiters, etc.

I'm not going to be using "steampunk" as a tag, because that would go on every entry. It would be a little bit too broad a tag for the comm.

Does anybody have any other suggestions? Would you like me to tag by the outstanding item in the entry? Like there's a really cool bustle and the entry would be tagged "bustle"? Or a really cool vest and the entry would be tagged "vest"?

Please make suggestions, ladies and gentlemen!

ETA: I've updated the list of tags I've used, and added some more recommendations for tags.


Absent-minded Lady Inventor

Anna Iva: The Absent-Minded Inventor; see also the webpage on the outfit

Very pretty, in a "may have survived multiple explosions" sort of way. :D The seamstress looks absolutely smashing in her outfit, and is showing off leg for practical reasons -- how else is she going to get to her secret stash of wrenches? She's wearing a mono-goggle, but it's fairly obvious that she didn't just pick up a pair of welding goggles and spraypaint them bronze.

Parachute dress

How lovely is this? The seamstress made a vaguely Victorian dress out of a discarded parachute, and added trimming made from the parachute strapping and a multitude of pocketwatches. She says in the comments that the buttons are all new, but she chose them to inspire different periods.

Great job; innovative use of materials.

Welcome to the community

Hi, everybody! Welcome to superiorsteam, where we guide each other to the best steampunk costuming on the internet. The source is anywhere: on LiveJournal, on somebody's website, on Flickr, on Etsy, any place you find outstanding steampunk costuming. This community is all about the eye candy.

Things that are OK to post: clothing, full outfits, jewelry, hats, other accessories, outstanding props.

Things that aren't OK to post: intro posts, your eBay listing for the Nerf gun you repainted, your eBay or Etsy listing for anything, sales posts in general, things you have made yourself, things you have made that you've asked your best friend to post, posts making fun of other people's work, stuff made by fashion designers that you think is kindasorta steamy, etc.

For sales posts, there are other communities, such as steamy_stitches or steampunk_style. For general steampunk fashion discussion, there is steamfashion.

Here is a condensed version of the rules:

1. No sales posts! I mean it. Sales post = instant and permanent banning.

2. Be nice. This is not a snark community. If you must criticize, make it constructive criticism. If you snark or insult, you will be banned for a month from the comm.

3. Do not post your own work. Do not ask others to post your own work.

4. Do not post pictures. Please link to the place where we can find the pictures.

5. Use your words to describe what's so awesome about the item you're sharing. It doesn't need to be an essay; a few sentences are enough. But don't just have a link that says "Look at this!!" and that's all. Put some context to the work.

Please see the community info for the full version.

Things will be changing in regards to layout as I figure out exactly what LJ layout to use. The rules will remain constant, however.



Crème de la Crème of Steampunk Fashion

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