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superiorsteam's Journal

Crème de la Crème of Steampunk Fashion
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Truly superior steampunk costuming
This community was created to bring truly superior steampunk costume to its members. Not just things that are slightly steamy, but the kind of things that make your jaw drop. A steampunk version of awesomecostume, if you will.


1. No self promotion. This means if you made it, you can't post it. There are other communities for that: steamfashion for one and dressdiaries for another.

2. No sales posts. We don't care if you're selling it or your friend's selling it, we don't want sales posts in this community. Sales post = instant and permanent banning, no discussions

3. No deletion of posts or comments. Moderators are responsible for that sort of thing. This leads us to our next rule:

4. Only constructive criticism, if you must criticize at all. If anybody even so much as approaches snark, they will be banned from the community for a month. This community is for praise, not tearing people down.

5. No hotlinking! Let me say it again: No hotlinking! Post a link to the costumer's website, journal, or photo account. In fact, links are preferred to pictures being posted.

6. Describe what's so awesome about this costume you're linking to. What makes it outstanding? You don't need to write a five-paragraph essay, but don't just write, "Check this out!" either. A few sentences is enough. Note: "It's really, really pretty" is an acceptable reason to post something, as is, "Oooh, shiny!"

Things that are OK to post: clothing, full outfits, jewelry, hats, other accessories, outstanding props.

Things that aren't OK to post: intro posts, your eBay listing for the Nerf gun you repainted, your eBay or Etsy listing for anything, sales posts in general, things you have made yourself, things you have made that you've asked your best friend to post, posts making fun of other people's work, stuff made by fashion designers that you think is kindasorta steamy, questions about how to make something, etc.

If you watch this community and so do not have posting access, please feel free to contact msmcknittington if you have something you would like to bring to the comm's attention. She will make a post for you.

Your mods,