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My new card with a steampunk twist - check out my store at:






Icons of Steampunk - Abney Park

It's a hard life being a musical airship pirate.

You can never tell which to loot first when you land, the instrument dealer or the liquor store.

Thankfully, Abney Park can build their own gear, so there's always more time for rum.

Since their beginning in the early 1990's, Abney Park has grown to be the quintesential spokespeople for the steampunk sub-culture. Talented and well spoken, they've has been touted in print, on the web, and on television (MTV, G4TV, etc.) as the go-to people for all things steampunk.

I had the chance to speak with the captain of this rowdy crew after they returned from their stunning show at DragonCon 2009. With over 30,000 freaks, geeks, and fantasy/sci-fi punks buzzing around Atlanta that weekend, there was quite the story to tell.

Click here to read our Icons of Steampunk interview with Captain Robert of Abney Park
Ed Saperia & Patrick Gleeson of Clockwork Quartet

Dirty secrets of The Magician and The Conductor

While exploring one of London's less reputable neighborhoods, I bumped into a Magician and a Conductor who wished to tell me their story.

The Clockwork Quartet (in character) are a band of traveling musicians who entertain the passengers aboard a train that travels back and forth between London and Dover. It is the individual stories of passengers they meet that the Quartet brings to life in song form.

The band features an unusual selection of instruments: Violin & Stroh Violin, Cello, 6 String Banjo & Guitar, Bass Banjo, 5 String Banjo & Piccolo Banjo, Accordion, Oboe & Musical Saw, and two percussionists who use a double kit composed of scrap metal, metronomes, clocks and other found objects. In addition, almost everyone in the band sings at one point or another.

I walked away 50 quid light and I think my pocket watch is missing, but it was worth it to hear what they had to say.

Click here to read the whole story...

The Clockwork Quartet

Steampunk Doctor Who

Found a link to this group's awesome Doctor Who inspired Steampunk photoshoot while cruising my f'list this morning.

Clockwork Girl

What it is: A Victorian-inspired jacket and skirt, with a huge bustle, for a clockwork girl. First Bustle era, for those who keep track of those things.

Why it's superior: A beautiful outfit put together with a high degree of skill, attention to detail, great makeup, a smart hat with clever and witty trimmings, and it's all crammed into one outfit. What's not to love?

Steampunk Abraham Lincoln

What it is: Our 16th president with a twist of steam.

Why it's superior: Yeah, it's kind of like that.

From member mahariel, who is, in fact, made of awesome and kittens.

Poll: Crossover on steamfashion

Hi, cats and kittens! I'm trying to figure out how much lag time I should allow to pass between sharing things with this community that are shared with steamfashion. I have the feeling there's a pretty big overlap in our membership, and I don't want to clutter up your friends lists if I can help it. So I've made a poll! It's got clicky boxes!

I'm also trying to get you ladies and gents to share more awesome costume! So if you've got some links saved on your computers with superior steam in 'em, then share in this poll. If you've got more than one, share it in the comments. I'll make some posts when some have accumulated. It doesn't matter if it's things people have seen before, as long as they haven't been shared in the community. OK? OK.

Poll #1254999 Steamfashion poll

I belong to steamfashion and it is on my friends list.

I belong to steamfashion, but it is not on my friends list.

If posts made on steamfashion appeared on my friends list from this community shortly after appearing in the former, then

I would not like it.
It wouldn't bother me.

I know of superior steampunk costuming that has not been shared with this community.

I do, but am too lazy to share it. *eats a bonbon*
I don't. That's why I'm here, silly!
I do, and I will paste the URL in the box below, because I am made of awesome and kittens.
Ooh, clicky boxes!

Paste the URL for some pretty pictures of steampunk costume below, if you've got one. msmcknittington will make a post shortly sharing it with the community.

This is why it's awesome, in 255 characters or fewer.


Mod Post: Tags in the comm

Evening, folks.

I've come to the realization that tagging entries would be a useful and even beneficial thing to do. I'm going to be going through the past handful of entries and adding tags tonight. Here are the ones I've already used:

ladies entries that contain ladies' clothing and accessories
victoriana entries that have styles inspired by Victorian and Edwardian styles
mod post for mod posts; moderator use only
gentlemen entries that contain gentlemen's clothing and accessories
clockpunk entries that contain items inspired by 16th- and 17th-century styles
jewelry entries about jewelry

Here are the ones I can think of that will be useful.

dieselpunk entries that contain styles inspired by 1920s-1940s styles (e.g. The Rocketeer)
millinery ladies' hats and other things to put on heads (hats, bonnets, tiaras, etc.)
haberdashery men's hats and other gear for the head
footwear shoes, spats, gaiters, etc.

I'm not going to be using "steampunk" as a tag, because that would go on every entry. It would be a little bit too broad a tag for the comm.

Does anybody have any other suggestions? Would you like me to tag by the outstanding item in the entry? Like there's a really cool bustle and the entry would be tagged "bustle"? Or a really cool vest and the entry would be tagged "vest"?

Please make suggestions, ladies and gentlemen!

ETA: I've updated the list of tags I've used, and added some more recommendations for tags.


Absent-minded Lady Inventor

Anna Iva: The Absent-Minded Inventor; see also the webpage on the outfit

Very pretty, in a "may have survived multiple explosions" sort of way. :D The seamstress looks absolutely smashing in her outfit, and is showing off leg for practical reasons -- how else is she going to get to her secret stash of wrenches? She's wearing a mono-goggle, but it's fairly obvious that she didn't just pick up a pair of welding goggles and spraypaint them bronze.

Parachute dress

How lovely is this? The seamstress made a vaguely Victorian dress out of a discarded parachute, and added trimming made from the parachute strapping and a multitude of pocketwatches. She says in the comments that the buttons are all new, but she chose them to inspire different periods.

Great job; innovative use of materials.